Kingdom of Styles

King of the Castle

Kingdom of Styles, to this day, remains one of our favorite projects. The design is unlike any one you’ve ever seen before. The homeowner selected a Medieval Gothic Castle theme. We started outdoors, and carried the look into the master bedroom and bath. The outside calls for dry stack and is designed to appear as castle ruins. We used native moss rock and the homeowner selected recycled material from salvage yards. When you walk into the ruins, which contain fire cauldron’s on either side of two pillars, you will find a compass inlay made of black granite and white Indian limestone.
There is a gothic arched window built out of 14 inch rock. The stone patio is a combination of Pennsylvania Blue Stone and Tennessee Quarts. There are five water features and three fire features in the backyard, with several stone seat benches for sitting to enjoy. The project includes an outdoor kitchen and beautiful basalt picnic table. All fire and water features can be controlled from inside the home. As you move inside, you can see a mix of reclaimed wood, stone and stained glass. One of the most beautiful walls in the master bedroom includes quality thin veneer and a beautiful stained glass piece, backlit and wrapped in reclaimed barn wood.

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