Loch Lloyd Lounger

Beyond compare!

Tropical travels were the launching point for the design of this homeowner’s back yard canvas. The look which complements the Mediterranean style home was featured in a lifestyle article in The Kansas City Star for the Fall Parade of Homes in 2016. This custom entertainment area includes an infinity edge pool and a toddler pool with fiber-optic star lighting in the pool shell. A sitting edge reef lets the homeowner and guests relax comfortably in leaf-shaped lounge chairs in the pool. Suspended flagstone steppers were added as a bridge from one pool deck to another. Our masons used Oklahoma rock for this project.

Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_2 Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_3 Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_4
Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_5 Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_6 Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_7
Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_8 Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_9 Projects_Loch-Lloyd-Lounger_10
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