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Platte County Paradise

Tucked away in the woods is a Platte County Mountain Lodge home with an outdoor hardscape that could literally steal your breath away. It features a two level luxury pool with several water features including two waterfalls, a slide, a swim-up bar and an amazing outdoor and entertainment area. Most of the native moss rock used for this project included sandstone, boulders, ledge rock, sandstone veneer and flagstone. What has made this job site unique for our masons is that all of the stone was custom cut, chipped or split on site. Some of the rock walls you see in the photos are dry stacked. There are also some boulder walls and cinder block that’s been veneered. The upper pool contains an infinity edge overlooking the plunge pool. A large slide wraps around two rock waterfalls on the way down to the plunge pool. The whole pool and entertainment area is equipped with the latest animated technology. Everything you can imagine can be controlled by the homeowner’s phone; that includes the water temperature, waterfalls and fountains, pool lighting, video and audio for the television, even the fire pit next to the pool. Alongside the home, the hardscape moves from back to front with several water bubblers and stone benches to sit and enjoy the pleasant and peaceful environment. We were thrilled to be a part of this project and we know our clients were happy with the final product.

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