Historic Holy Trinity

This creative gem helped create itself with the help of an ambitious young Eagle Scout in Weston, Missouri.

I was approached by the young man while I was building a front entrance monument at our farm for my wedding reception. Keagan asked me to help the Eagle Scouts build something for Father Steven Rogers and the Holy Trinity Parish community. I was honored and proud to be a part of this community project – a project that quickly took on a life of its own. We used 20-30 different types of stone that Nature’s Touch had collected over the span of 15 years.
I spent 80 hours over the course of a few weeks carving a cross out of stone for a bubbler that is now erected behind the church. I then cut all of our stone into full veneer for dry stack. Holy Trinity also now has several gorgeous cross inlays, featured inside pillars as you enter the church grounds and behind the Parish Hall.
The pictures don’t do this one justice. If you’re ever in Weston on a day trip, I encourage you to drive by and check it out.

– Joel Tiffany

Project_Holy_Trinity_2 Project_Holy_Trinity_3 Project_Holy_Trinity_4
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