Specializing in high end custom stone work, aquatic landscapes, retaining walls, stone steps, outdoor fireplaces, luxury outdoor living, and much more! Browse our services offered below.


Luxury Pools & Hardscape Design

Our artistic craftsmen rely on the elements to turn every project into a masterpiece. We have developed a reputation primarily by word of mouth while collaborating with our clients and the best pool builders and landscape architects in the industry. We evaluate the grade and help homeowners make decisions to harmonize their surroundings with the architecture of their homes. We want every design to be installed perfectly from pool coping and pool decks to dramatic water and fire features. From liner pools to gunnite shells and colorful lights capes, we use top of the line equipment and state-of-the-art technology. We are well respected within the industry for our ability to create rock waterfalls, grottos, infinity edge pools, swim-up bars and for natural hardscape installation. We can make your outdoor living space look like it’s been part of the surroundings for a hundred years or install a fresh, contemporary design with clean lines for maximum space while entertaining. We promise personal attention to detail and frequent client communication to ensure that every client is receiving the unique art design and intricate detail they desire.


Landscape Design

Distinctive concepts are used not just for hardscapes, but landscapes as well. Plant material and color both make a difference in how aesthetically pleasing your environment will become. You can step outside of the box with a color display that will stop people in their tracks or you can choose native plants that blend in beautifully and naturally with your hardscape build. We do offer a full array of maintenance programs including spring and fall cleanups and pruning to keep your property looking amazing year round.


Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls capture the beauty of natural stone and are built to last a lifetime maintenance free. Choosing the right material for your retaining walls is the most critical step in the process. Because of our network resources, we buy rock directly from the quarries and pass on savings to our clients. We build everything from large quarry block to small dry stacked walls bordering colorful landscape displays. If you want to create the sound of running water in your design, we have also built natural looking waterfalls within retaining walls.


Aquatic Landscapes

The natural sound of water running can add so much peace and tranquility to a hardscape environment. Some homeowners choose dramatic flairs such as a waterfall over a rock grotto or a natural rock creek waterfall, even a waterfall built into a retaining wall. Others choose something more subtle, like fountain bubblers as part of a drive entrance. LED lighting is the finishing touch that frames the rock and water art.


Stone Patios, Walkways & Steps

Most hardscape designs include stone patios and walkways. We walk homeowners through two application choices for stone patios. One patio is set on a six inch crushed gravel base and the joints are set in palmeric sand. The second application is a high end application involving a concrete footer and the joints are set in mortar. The choice in application also depends on whether the homeowner wants an irregular design or something more consistent. Like all other hardscape additions, you want the look of the patio, walkway and steps to suit your home’s architectural style. The clean lines of modular or geometric shaped stone matches a more contemporary styled home, ashlar looks more natural with traditional as well as period homes. If you live in a country or lodge home, irregular stone creates a more rustic, “always been there” look.


Outdoor Kitchens & Bars

Keep your party outside by creating a space that’s perfect for gathering, cooking and cocktails. We can build your gas or wood burning grill into a variety of stone and install kitchen islands to hold all of your outdoor dishes and grills accessories. We strive to create a space that is both stylish and at the same time functional so that once you are outdoors, you have everything you need to stay outdoors. Gazebos and Pergolas are a perfect addition to your outdoor kitchen for shading and comfort. If you prefer pepperoni to summer barbecue, we have also designed and installed pizza ovens within outdoor kitchen designs.


Outdoor Fire Features

Enhance your backyard landscape or highlight your pool with a remote-controlled outdoor fire feature or fire pit. Reflective glass can be a gorgeous addition to a fire pit, calling attention to a stone carving or your pool. There is a rainbow of colors to choose from when it comes to glass. We can install your fire pit into a pool deck or if you want a larger fire for cool evenings, we also build outdoor fireplaces. Special fire features we’ve designed have included the installation of fire cauldrons for back yard monuments adding yet another layer of warmth to your hardscape ambience.


Indoor Fireplaces

Bring a piece of nature from outdoors, indoors by installing a stone fireplace. Quality stone veneer can transform your living space into one that’s cozy and inviting for guests. Our indoor fireplaces will become the focal point of any room. If you’re adding a mantel too, barn wood creates a rustic and earthy charm to your design and always suits stone well. The first step is to decide what type of stone would best compliment your space. You could go with a more organic feel by using moss rock or go the opposite direction with a modern feel by using decorative hand carved inlays. Any way you go, an indoor fireplace can stand as a work of art on its own.


Stone Carvings & Inlays

Nature’s Touch launched a new team within its company in 2016 – a team of stone carvers. This team is responsible for carving any chosen image – which can be displayed on mantels, in fireplaces, on special features or in floors. Our team can hand carve any image put in front of them, which has become a lost art. Inlays can take a beautiful stone fireplace or hardwood floor to the next level. If you are looking for a focal art piece, just e-mail us a photo of what you would like carved. We ship nationwide.


Interior Custom Stone

We offer a wide range of interior work from fireplaces to walls and floors. We have designed and installed custom bars and wine cellars. For those who want to bring the stone work from outdoors inside, we can install custom stone tile work, showers, bathrooms, countertops, hearths, mantels and kitchen backsplashes. At one homeowner’s request, we designed a master bedroom and bathroom to look like castle ruins – using stone, stained glass and recycled barn wood.


Stone Homes

Stone homes are timeless. There’s an irresistible charm about them because it seems as if they’ve always been there. Besides being naturally beautiful, stone is a practical choice in building material, because it can outlast any other type of home construction by hundreds of years. We can install everything from thin veneer to full veneer. And if it’s a full block castle you choose, our masons are capable of building that too.


Commercial Development

Nature’s Touch has the manpower to tackle any size commercial project. We build front entrance monuments and provide both interior and exterior stone work for commercial developments. Previously, we have built one of the largest limestone waterfall features in the Midwest for a Kansas City area development.